Funeral Service Diploma

Funeral Service Diploma



Funeral Service professionals work with families, government, health and legal agencies to serve diverse death-care needs within the community. Our diploma prepares students to be licensed as a funeral director and as an embalmer in the Province of Alberta and is the credential preferred by most funeral home employers.  

Learn how to plan and direct funeral ceremonies, support grieving families and apply the laws and regulations that govern the funeral profession in the Province of Alberta. Demonstrate facial reconstruction and restorative art techniques and complete the embalming process with all appropriate infection control measures in place. Integrating theory and practice, you will gain new skills in the health sciences, restorative art, funeral directing, embalming, business, microbiology, psychology, laws and regulations and conflict resolution. 

Gain real-life experience within a funeral home through our supervised practicum and work experience opportunities. You can also complete the work experience within your own community.  

Before starting your program, please review the non-academic practicum and work experience requirements that you must complete before taking these courses.  These may include immunizations and WHMIS.

Program Highlights

  • University Credential - study full or part-time while working towards your diploma that is issued by a respected post-secondary institution.
  • Professional License - satisfy the education requirements to be licensed in the Province of Alberta.
  • Practical Experience - apply your skills through practicum and work experiences under the direct supervision of funeral service professionals. 

Career Possibilities

  • Funeral director
  • Embalmer
  • Instructor
  • Examiner
  • Cemetery Manager/Operator
  • Autopsy technician
  • Technical sales and workshops

Program Outcomes

  • Plan, arrange and direct funeral ceremonies.
  • Be considerate of and respond to various religious and cultural traditions associated with death.
  • Interpret and apply various acts and regulations which govern the funeral service profession in Alberta.
  • Communicate and work effectively with families, government, health and legal agencies.
  • Practice the companioning aspect of caregiving.
  • Demonstrate reconstruction and restorative art techniques.
  • Complete the embalming process with appropriate infection control procedures.
  • Document the arterial injection embalming of up to 50 individual cases through an embalming log.