Embalmer Certificate

Embalmer Certificate

Embalmers play an important role in the funeralization process through the disinfection, preservation and restoration of the deceased.   

Our Embalmer Certificate prepares students to be licensed as an embalmer, specializing in embalming and restorative arts and completing the embalming process within the provincial framework and the acts and regulations governing funeral service in the Province of Alberta.

Learn reconstruction and restorative art techniques, cosmetics, hairstyling, infection control, cultural traditions and be versed in preparations while maintaining the utmost respect and dignity for the deceased. Integrating theory and practice, you will gain new skills in the health sciences, arterial injection embalming, laws and regulations and restorative art. 

Apply and demonstrate your skills within a funeral home, where you will complete a practicum and work experience opportunities under the direct supervision of a licensed embalmer.  

Students considering this certificate should contact the program team prior to application to discuss suitability and employment opportunities.

Before starting your program, review the non-academic practicum and work experience requirements that you must complete before taking these courses.  These may include immunizations and WHMIS. 


Program Highlights

  • University credential - study part-time online while working towards your certificate.
  • Professional license - satisfy the education requirements to be licensed in the Province of Alberta. 
  • Practical experience - apply your skills through practicum and work experiences under the direct supervision of funeral service professionals.  
  • Flexible education - learn from experts in the profession while choosing a personalized course schedule.  Complete the program in 1 year to a maximum of 6 years. 

Career Possibilities

  • Embalmer
  • Instructor
  • Examiner
  • Cemetery Manager/Operator
  • Autopsy technician
  • Technical sales and professional workshops 

Program Outcomes

  • Exhibit a high standard of professional conduct and ethics
  • Apply a broad-based knowledge of biology and social science
  • Demonstrate reconstruction and restorative art techniques
  • Complete the embalming process with appropriate infection control procedures
  • Document the arterial injection embalming of up to 50 individual cases through an embalming log