Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee

The Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee (JOHSC) is an advisory committee to the President's Executive Committee (PEC).

Mandated by Alberta Occupational Health & Safety legislation, the JOHSC brings together representatives from all levels of the University to discuss and address health and safety-related concerns at MRU. The JOHSC allows workers to participate in occupational health and safety and supports their three basic rights: 

  • The right to know
  • The right to participate
  • The right to refuse dangerous work

Concerns may be brought directly to a member of the JOHSC or communicated to EH&S to pass along: Additional information on the MRU JOHSC can be found in the Terms of Reference.

The Government of Alberta provides a summary of the requirements and responsibilities of worksite health and safety committees on their website and through a 30-minute webinar.

Member Committee Role University Role Email Phone
Catharine Lindland Co-Chair Director, Student Learning Services  403.440.6878
Milena Radzikowska Co-Chair Assoc. Professor, School of Communication Studies 403.440.8941
Robert Siklodi EH&S Resource Manager, EH&S 403.440.6180
Cheryl Melatdoost Member Academic Advisor, Faculty of Science & Technology 403.440.6798
Mark Friesen Member Manager, Labour Relations 403.440.6033
Stephanie Zettel Member Assoc. Professor, Faculty of Health, Community & Education 403.440.8653
Joe Frazao Member Architectural Supervisor, Facilities Management  403.899.5678
Andrea Ranson Member Director of Communications  403.440.8885
Ed Kamps Alternate Member Instructor, Bissett School of Business  403.440.5919


Meeting Minutes: