Environmental Health & Safety

Our Mount Royal University Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) team is committed to delivering awareness about health and safety in the workplace through education and community engagement.

Our mission aligns with the MRU Strategic Plan 2025, Learning Together, Leading Together, by ensuring everyone has an opportunity to participate with health and safety initiatives on campus.

Contact us: EHS@mtroyal.ca | 403.440.6038

We will be working remotely for the duration of the coronavirus response but are available to assist on campus with any incidents or concerns as needed. The fastest way to reach us is by emailing EHS@mtroyal.ca. We will be checking phone messages on the central line daily.

Emergency Reporting

  • For life-threatening emergencies, call 9.1.1, then Security Services at 403.440.5900 to assist.
  • For immediate assistance for non-life threatening incidents and injuries, call Security Services at 403.440.5900.
  • Once the immediate concern is controlled, report the incident to EH&S using the Injury / Incident Report Form.



EH&S Policies & Procedures

Every employee has a right and responsibility to a healthy and safe workplace.

MRU's commitment to employee health and safety is outlined in our EH&S policy. Additional safety programs and procedures outline safety requirements for various tasks performed at MRU.

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Hazard Management

Do you know the hazards of your job? Do you know how to report a hazard? It's your right to know.

Learn more about the types of hazards you may encounter on site and how to keep your workplace healthy and safe.

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Incident Management

Do you know what to do if you're involved in an incident? Do you know how to report an incident or close call?

Incident management involves preventive action, such as safety training and the development of corrective actions to prevent recurrence.

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Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee

Learn more about our campus-wide occupational health and safety committee dedicated to developing and promoting safety initiatives.

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Workplace Violence & Harassment

Did you know that violence, bullying and harassment are now formally recognized as a hazard under Alberta Occupational Health & Safety legislation?

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Laboratory Safety

Do you work primarily in a laboratory or with biological, chemical, or radiation hazards?

Learn more about the hazards and controls you need to know.

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Contractor Safety

External contractors play critical roles in upgrading and maintaining MRU facilities. Do you know your responsibilities if you are hiring an external contractor?

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