Employee Relations

Our Labour Environment

Talented and committed employees are key to providing students with an education that has academic merit and an experience focused on personal growth. We value this contribution, while balancing the need to responsibly manage resources and ensure Mount Royal is sustainable over time.

Mount Royal has about 1,655 full-time equivalent employees, with most represented by either the Mount Royal Faculty Association (MRFA) or the Mount Royal Staff Association (MRSA). The University’s Board of Governors engages in collective bargaining with both the MRFA and MRSA.

Collective agreements for each of the MRFA and MRSA have a term of July 1, 2020 until June 30, 2024. The negotiation process is set out within each agreement and under the Alberta Relations Labour Code. 

Our goal is to reach agreements that are fair for everyone based on the interests brought forward to the negotiation tables and typical of public sector settlement trends in Alberta.

We will keep the campus informed of developments, while respecting that negotiations are confidential. Notifications of updates on this site will be included in the Our Community e-newsletter.