Equity, Diversity and Inclusion



Mount Royal must be an equitable, diverse and inclusive place for everyone. This means understanding, identifying and addressing barriers to full participation in the campus community.  There is more work to be done at Mount Royal and the University is committed to making sure this happens in a way that is thorough and sustainable. There are many initiatives happening across Mount Royal, such as a President’s Advisory Committee. In the long term, a priority is to develop a strong framework of policies, procedures and resources for equity, diversity and inclusion.

There are resources and support available and these include:

  • listening to concerns, while maintaining strict confidentiality
  • exploring informal methods of resolution 
  • explaining, if necessary, the process for a formal complaint, and 
  • delivering educational programming, workshops, training and presentations


Quick reference

What is available on campus to support my religious, cultural and spiritual beliefs?

Learn more about resources at the Chaplaincy.

Does Mount Royal have a smudging practice and if so where do I get more information?

Yes, learn more at the Iniskim Centre.

What kinds of inclusive spaces are available on campus for religious practices, parents or those who want to use gender neutral washrooms?

There are a number of inclusive spaces listed here.

What events, workshops and training are available?

Workshops, education and events can be found here.

I am a student with a concern or question about human rights. What resources are available to me?

Students can go here to learn about the policy Mount Royal has in place, plus what resources are available to you.

Where can I get support for dating, domestic and sexual violence?

Specialized and trauma-informed support is available here.

What support and information is available to support gender and sexual orientation diversity?

Resources can be here.





In an effort to provide students with ongoing care, individuals can reach out to chaplains directly by their contact information found here.

MRU has a team of chaplains and faith representatives connecting to a variety of faith traditions. A full list of chaplains serving the MRU community, including their contact information, is available here.

MRU is committed to respecting the religious, cultural and spiritual beliefs and practices of all members of the university community. For information on religious observance accommodations at MRU, please go here.

This list outlines religious and spiritual traditions/observances/holidays. The lists are not exhaustive and are frequently updated. The spirituality and cultural observances of Indigenous Peoples cannot be easily defined and are not reflected fully in the calendar list. Find more information by visiting the Iniskim Centre website.

Spaces for religious, cultural and spiritual practices can be found here.



Human rights


Human rights define how we are all entitled to a life of equality, dignity, respect and a life free from discrimination. You do not have to earn your human rights. You are born with them. They are the same for every person. Nobody can give them to you, but they can be taken away.

Countries have human rights laws to make sure that people and governments are held accountable if your human rights are not respected. In Alberta, protected areas and grounds are defined in the Alberta Human Rights Act.

At Mount Royal, students can receive:

  • confidential support and advocacy about discrimination, harassment and accommodation for under the Alberta Human Rights Act
  • options on how to file informal and formal complaints
  • information about rights and responsibilities under MRU policies related to human rights, harassment and accommodation.
  • advice on how to explore and facilitate alternative resolution options, including education, training, mediation and facilitated dialogue

We are committed to providing students with ongoing care. For enquiries please email humanrights@mtoryal.ca.




Gender and sexual diversity


An equitable, diverse and inclusive campus is one that supports people of all genders and sexual orientations. There is more work to be done in this area and Mount Royal is committed to improving.

The Students’ Association of Mount Royal University has a Pride Centre, which is a space for students to: create an inclusive community across the gender and sexuality spectrum; find support for themselves and support their gender and sexually diverse peers; and enhance everyone's learning about gender and sexual diversity. Learn more.

Students who show leadership in the Pride community can receive $500 through The Pride Scholarship. The two recipients will be students who are recognized for creating more inclusive spaces for people of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities.

In addition to resources, the Riddell Library and Learning Centre and the Faculty of Arts building are connected with a crosswalk painted like the Pride flag. The Pride flag is flown on campus during Pride month and other dates of note. As well, since 2012, Mount Royal has participated in the Calgary Pride Parade with a contingent of faculty, staff, students, administrators, family and friends walking together in solidarity.