Practicum & Work Experience

Practicum & Work Experience Requirements

Students must complete additional requirements in order to participate in Embalming Practicum and Embalmer Work Experience courses. Some requirements may take time to obtain (i.e., completion of immunization series) so you are advised to plan accordingly.
Embalming Practicum Requirements

Students in the Embalmer Certificate are required to complete an Embalming Practicum course which involves participation in instructor-led embalming labs within Calgary funeral homes.

You are encouraged to take the Embalming Practicum course as early as possible within your program.

Students must complete Embalming Practicum Requirements prior to beginning embalming labs. Review the Embalming Practicum Requirements Checklist and Immunization Assessment form for details on how to complete and submit requirements. Students who do not meet the following requirements will be withdrawn from the course:

  • Immunization clearance (Hepatitis B Services and Primary Series for Tetanus/Diphtheria)
    • Note: Immunizations may take up to 6 months to complete
    • All associated costs are the responsibility of the student
  • Canadian Red Cross Standard First Aid with Basic Rescuer CPR Level C
  • WHMIS Certification
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Embalming labs for the Embalming Practicum are held in Calgary. Out-of-town students complete their Embalming Practicum along with Restorative Art II during a Calgary-based Intensive Institute (condensed delivery format in Fall or Spring); students from the Calgary area typically complete Embalming Practicum during the Fall-Winter semesters.

Refer to the Program Planning Guide available on the Embalmer Certificate Plan Your Studies page for further details.

Work Experience Requirements

Students are responsible to secure their own work experience placement and relocation may be required. The work experience course is offered each semester and may be completed at the same time as your final academic courses.

In order to participate in Embalmer Work Experience, you will require the following:

Immunizations - proof of up-to-date immunization status is required for the Embalmer Work Experience. All associated costs are the responsibility of the student. Failure to maintain a current immunization status will result in immediate withdrawal from the course.

Standard First Aid with Basic Rescuer CPR Level C - students will be required to provide proof of current Standard First Aid with CPR Level C. Certification must be valid for the duration of the course. All associated costs are the responsibility of the student.

WHMIS - students must provide evidence of valid WHMIS certification that remains valid for the duration of the course.

Non-Graduated Class 5 Driver's License - students preparing for work experience courses may be required to provide a non-graduated Class 5 driver's license to their Funeral Home employer, at their own expense. A Drivers Abstract may also be required. Failure to do so may impact the student's ability to complete the program requirements or participate in the course.

Police Information Check - students may be required to provide a current Police Information Check to their Funeral Home employer, at their own expense. It is each employer's decision to accept or reject a student for work experience placement based upon the results of a police information or other background checks.

Students will primarily complete their required hours by working in the preparation room on arterial injection embalming cases under the direction of a licensed Embalmer. Related tasks such as dressing, cosmetics, casketing and cremation are also acceptable for a small portion of the time. Hours worked on non-embalming task (e.g., assisting at a visitation) are not to be counted towards the work hour requirement.
Out of Province Students
Students residing outside of Alberta will need to consult their provincial or national Regulatory Board for information on completing work experience courses in their location.