Embalmer Certificate


Embalmer Certificate

The Embalmer certificate includes the study and practice of the history and fundamentals of embalming and restorative art. The embalming process will be practiced within the provincial framework and the acts and regulations governing funeral service in Alberta.

Students considering this certificate should contact the program team prior to application to discuss suitability and employment opportunities.

  • Learn through interactive online courses, work experience courses and 2 on-campus courses (Embalming Practicum and Restorative Art II)
  • Start program in September or January
  • Study part-time
  • Complete program within a minimum of 1 year to a maximum of 6 years

Program Outcomes

  • Exhibit a high standard of professional conduct and ethics
  • Apply a broad based knowledge of biology and social science
  • Demonstrate reconstruction and restorative art techniques
  • Complete the embalming process with appropriate infection control procedures
  • Document the arterial injection embalming of up to 50 individual cases through an embalming log