Plan Your Studies

Plan your Studies

Now that you've been accepted, what's next? Bookmark this page as you will be using it throughout your studies to plan your course schedule each semester.


Students are advised to order required textbooks and materials promptly from the Cougars Campus Store as delivery times may be adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Planning your course schedule
Get started with choosing courses for your Funeral Director Certificate program. You can complete this part-time certificate program within a minimum of 1 year to a maximum of 6 years. To finish the program within 1 year, you will need to follow the Program Planning Guide and complete work experience courses at the same time as academic courses.

  1. View the following short video to learn how to plan your course schedule and understand key factors that will impact course selection.
    • Planning Your Course Schedule


  2. Use the Program Planning Guide to:
    • Learn what courses are required in your program
    • Identify course prerequisites
    • Determine in which semester(s) the courses are offered


Now that you have chosen your courses, the next step is to register.

Step-by-step instructions
  1. Look up courses via MyMRU > Register & Pay > Register > Look up Course(s)
  2. Search by term > choose appropriate CREDIT term and click Submit
  3. Select the subject Funeral Services and click Course Search.
  4. Find the course number and name (e.g., XFDC 20001 - Funeral Directing I) and click View Sections.
  5. Select your courses for the semester and click Submit.

Critical Dates

The Add/drop deadline for adjusting your registration, fee deadlines and withdraw dates will follow the Critical Dates in the Academic Schedule

  • Funeral courses may have unusual start and end dates which can impact these dates
  • Check with the Office of the Registrar for further information.

Registration access dates are posted in MyMRU.


  • Foundation '45 Scholarships - Canada: Offered by the Funeral Service Foundation. Scholarships are awarded twice a year and are open to full and part time funeral students. Application cycles are February 15 - March 30 and August 15 - November 30.

Are you interested in sponsoring a scholarship? Email us at

  • Textbooks should be ordered well in advance of the course start date. Make sure to allow extra time for shipping if you live outside of Calgary.
  • Order your textbooks through the Cougars Campus Store. Use the subject codes in your Program Planning Guide.
  • Attend your New Student Orientation! The funeral administration team will email you the details.
  • Register for the free Online Course Tutorial to become familiar with Blackboard (your online learning management system)
  • Review your Work Experience requirements
  • Access your online courses approximately 2-3 business days before their start date
  • Get your OneCard (optional)
  • Start tracking your progress - Use the Program Planning Guide as a checklist or track your progress by using mruGradU8
    MyMRU > My Program > mruGradU8