Funeral Service Diploma


Funeral Service Diploma

The Funeral Service Diploma prepares you to be dual licensed as a Funeral Director and as an Embalmer.

  • Learn through interactive online courses, work experience courses and 2 on-campus courses (Embalming Practicum and Restorative Art II)
  • Start program in September or January
  • Study part-time
  • Complete program within a minimum of 1 year to a maximum of 6 years
  • The Diploma (and dual license) is the preferred credential with many funeral homes

Program Outcomes

  • Plan, arrange and direct funeral ceremonies.
  • Be considerate of and respond to various religious and cultural traditions associated with death.
  • Interpret and apply various acts and regulations which govern the funeral service profession in Alberta.
  • Communicate and work effectively with families, government, health and legal agencies.
  • Practice the companioning aspect of caregiving.
  • Demonstrate reconstruction and restorative art techniques.
  • Complete the embalming process with appropriate infection control procedures.
  • Document the arterial injection embalming of up to 50 individual cases through an embalming log.