Robbie Nelson

Robbie_NelsonRobbie Nelson is the Vice-President Academic of the Students' Association of Mount Royal University (SAMRU). He is a 4th-year student in the Bachelor of Arts program at MRU, working towards a major in Policy Studies and a minor in Economics.

As Vice-President Academic, Robbie is the primary advocate for and representative of all MRU credit students on issues of an academic matter which are internal to the university. This includes development and revision of academic policies and procedures, new program development, changes to curriculum, and general academic advocacy to ensure that appropriate support mechanisms are in place for students. In order to support his advocacy work, Robbie sits on a wide variety of governance bodies within the university, most notably the General Faculties Council, where he serves as a member of the Executive Committee, which is the body oversees and supervises the work that is conducted by the GFC. He also Chairs the Vice-President Academic Advisory Committee, which is a committee consisting of the student volunteers who assist with representing the student voice within the university.

Prior to being elected as Vice-President Academic, Robbie served as a Governor on the Student Governing Board of SAMRU, and as a volunteer member of the Vice-President Academic Advisory Committee. He sat as a student representative on General Faculties Council, and a number of subcommittees which report to GFC. In addition, he served two elected terms as an Executive of the Policy Studies Students' Society, initially as Treasurer, and later as Vice-President.