Faculty of Arts Advisory Board

As per its 2013–18 Strategic Plan, and in accordance Mount Royal Policy 415, the Faculty of Arts established an Advisory Board. The Faculty recognizes that it must be responsive to community need and open to community involvement during the development and review of its programs. The Advisory Board will help the Faculty of Arts ensure that its credit programs meet the needs of its students and of the communities it serves. The Board is designed to bring a new dimension of community contacts, resources, insights and energy into the Faculty's planning process. By drawing on the expertise of internal and community members, the Board will provide important information about the Faculty's external environment which is crucial to effective academic planning, community outreach and fundraising. The Board will also be an important source of information about the Faculty for communities.

Board Members:

Leslie Biles
Nancy Doetzel
Will Ferguson
Kelly Hewson
Todd Hirsch
Janne Holmgren
Jeff Keshen
Donna Livingstone
Del Majore
Cliff O'Brien
Lyall Thomson
Kim Williams

Robbie Nelson
Manuel Mertin