Nancy Doetzel, PhD


Office: B 349-S
Phone: 403.440.5037

Nancy-Angel Doetzel, PhD, is a contract instructor at Mount Royal University. She is an awarding winning scholar, journalist and musician from Ontario. For her doctorate dissertation, she won a Distinguished Dissertation Award, resulting in the publishing of her two books: Cultivating Spirituality in Education; and, Old Heart Child's Eyes. She is currently conducting research about complementary medicine and writing a third book. She received her MA, HBA, HBSW and BA from Lakehead University, and her PhD from the University of Calgary. In Vancouver, she studied Intuitive medicine and has received a professional certification (I.C.A.D.C) from the Canadian Council of Professional Certification. Examining the world through different lenses, exercising altruism, promoting social justice, and learning to be a good sociologist are encouraged throughout her classes. Her Mount Royal blog is titled: Debunking Deceptive Myths.