Interior Design

Bachelor of Interior Design

Bachelor of Interior Design Campaign

Learn the design process from project inception to implementation. Combine theory and studio-based projects, working individually and in teams, to develop your understanding of building systems and design tools. Launch a dynamic career in interior design with a required paid work internship.

Mission StatementTo support, assist, and mentor student learning in positive ways by engaging in theoretical, conceptual and/or pragmatic discussions in a holistic, interactive and integrated learning environment.

Through this engagement, a deep understanding is developed that considers the diverse human conditions and how people experience, inhabit, gather and move in space in a multitude of contexts.
GoalsTo provide an open, supportive and collaborative learning environment with a focus on engaged student learning, and graduating interior designers prepared to enter professional practice with the following traits:

  • creative, critical thinkers who have the ability to effectively research, analyze and synthesize information necessary to solve design problems in a thoughtful and considered manner.
  • effective communicators who understand the collaborative process and how to engage with diverse team members.
  • effectively use hand and digital media to communicate design intent through an engaged process.
  • design to minimize the impact that constructed spaces have on the health and well-being of people and the environment.
  • apply a holistic lens to the practice of interior design in evolving complex cultural, social, political and global contexts.
  • a strong understanding and appreciation for the strengths interior designers bring to the interconnected disciplines that engage in the design of built environments.
  • committed to life-long learning as a professional designer and the changing needs of interior design practice.