Honours Stream

Honours stream

Students who are in their third year of study in the Bachelor of Arts - Criminal Justice can apply to complete the Honours Program in their fourth year of study. Instead of completing a 6-credit practicum and a 3-credit criminal justice option course, honours students complete an Honours Seminar in the Fall semester (3 credits) and an Honours Research Project completed over the Fall and Winter semesters (total of 6 credits).

The purpose of the honours stream is to better prepare students for the additional academic challenges that are associated with graduate and professional schools. Emphasis is placed on enhancing students' ability to work independently and to complete a major research project, primarily in the form of a significant literature review.

Honours Admission Requirements

Students can apply for admission into the honours stream in the third year of the program after successfully completing of the following requirements* in the Bachelor of Arts - Criminal Justice program:

  • Students must have completed all courses (CRJS and non-CRJS) in the first and second year of the BA before applying (equivilant of 20 credit hours)
  • Students must have completed all Tier One and Tier Two General Education courses, as well as required CRJS methodology courses by the end of year three (CRJS 2015 Introduction to Research Methods, CRJS 3001 Quantitative Research Methods, and CRJS 3005 Qualitative Research Methods)
  • A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.3 overall and a minimum overall average GPA of 3.5 in CRJS-prefixed courses is required to be admissable in the honours program
  • Written sponsorship from a full-time tenure or tenure-track professor in the Justice Studies program indicating a willingness to act as the student's Honours project supervisor. You will need to submit a signed copy of the Honours Supervisor Confirmation Form with your online application.

The online application form for Honours is available here. Application must be submitted between January 5th to March 31st. Submissions will not be accepted after March 31st.

Unofficial MRU Academic transcript must be submitted with the online application.

The Criminal Justice Honours Student Manual provides detailed information on the application process and other information for Honours students.

Contact Us

For more information on the honours program, contact:

Harpreet Aulakh
Associate Professor
Office: EA 3031
Phone: 403.440.5907
Email:  Haulakh@mtroyal.ca   
Leann Acheson
Practicum Coordinator and Academic Advisor
Office: EA 3038
Phone: 403.440.5682
Email: lacheson@mtroyal.ca