Bachelor of Arts - Criminal Justice

Bachelor of Arts — Criminal Justice

Statement on Racialized Violence in Canada and the United States

As with many people around the world, we are witnessing the events unfolding in the United States following the murder of George Floyd by a member of the Minneapolis police department. Unfortunately, we have observed this behaviour for years: growing and spreading throughout the United States resulting in many racialized victims of police violence. We have also seen similar experiences in Canada where Black, Indigenous, and racialized people have lost their lives at the hands of police violence and from failures of the criminal justice system including that we are still waiting for justice in the hundreds of cases of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls.

The Criminal Justice Degree Program at Mount Royal University is made up of a diverse group of individuals with many backgrounds and disciplines. We are appalled by all forms of racialized violence, but consider those acts committed by law enforcement or those employed in the criminal justice system, to be particularly heinous because those are the people meant to protect all citizens in society. We, therefore, have a higher expectation for those employed in fields such as policing.

Additionally, we understand the causes and consequences of systemic forms of racism which are a direct result of generations of colonialism, segregation, and other intersecting inequalities. We also understand the responsive resistance.

While in Canada, our criminal justice system is different from that in the United States, but as individuals we are not. As teachers and researchers, staff and administrators, we will prioritize anti-racism, decolonization, and racial and social justice as cornerstones of our work. We pledge to work each day to foster equity, inclusiveness, respect, and solidarity among our faculty, staff, and students and within our curriculum, scholarship, meetings, and practices. We pledge to not turn away when we see acts of racism and to challenge all parts of the justice system to ensure it upholds the true meaning of justice. And we will work diligently to prepare our students to enter justice professions where they will work to eliminate oppression and dismantle the systems that perpetuate and sustain racial inequality.

Signed by members of the Criminal Justice Degree Program at Mount Royal University.

Some see justice from the trenches; others view it from the benches. With Mount Royal University's one-of-a-kind criminal justice program, you'll learn to appreciate it from both perspectives.

Unique in Alberta, the Bachelor of Arts — Criminal Justice will prepare you for a career in fields such as social justice, criminology, law, police services and more.

The curriculum for the degree will educate you in six-program areas including:

  • Foundations in Criminal Justice — you will acquire basic substantive knowledge about the study of criminology and the practices of the Canadian Criminal Justice System;
  • Human Relations — to become an effective justice practitioner, you will refine your human relations skills so you can accurately convey and solicit information, as well as resolve crises and conflict;
  • Human Justice — justice practitioners must have respect for diversity and recognize the central role that human rights plays within the development and enforcement of criminal law. You will learn that ethical practice is the cornerstone of justice;
  • Criminological Literacy — you will delve into the social science of criminology and become conversant with the criminological enterprise (theories and methods);
  • Experiential Learning — learning through experience or hands-on learning is a methodology deeply ingrained in the Justice Studies program;
  • General Education — to round out your knowledge general education classes are offered to students in all degree programs.

Apply the theoretical concepts you learn in the classroom to real-world situations. Although the mandatory practicum is unpaid, you will benefit from working in a justice-related agency for two and a half days per week with an agency professional as your mentor. You'll develop new skills, make valuable contacts within the justice community and earn six credits towards your bachelors degree.

Honours Stream

As a student in the honours stream, you will develop enhanced knowledge and skills that are particularly suited for preparation to apply for graduate study in criminology/criminal justice and law school. You will earn nine credits towards your bachelors degree.

If you wish to pursue law school or graduate studies in fields such as social work or education, you can take advantage of an honours stream within the Bachelor of Arts — Criminal Justice.

Captivating Careers

Graduates are in high demand by a wide range of employers within the justice system and beyond. Career opportunities remain strong in traditional criminal justice agencies such as public, policing, federal and provincial corrections and Canada Border Services. Graduates will also be prepared for employment as probation and parole officers, youth outreach workers, crime statistic analysts, emergency communications officers, police officers and crisis intervention workers.

Career Opportunities

  • Police officer
  • Crime analyst
  • Corrections service officer

Discover more careers with a Bachelor of Arts — Criminal Justice degree.