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English, Languages, and Cultures

Department of English, Languages, and Cultures

We offer a rich variety of both traditional and cutting edge courses designed to ignite your imagination and sharpen your intellect. The department places a strong emphasis on developing the critical and creative writing of our students. Your MRU degree prepares you equally well for future graduate studies or for a career in which clear, competent writing and communication are valued.

We read a text not just to find out what it says, but to see how it works. We practice the art of writing - not just to communicate information, but to do so with conviction, clarity, reasoned argument and personality. We work with the idea in mind that texts in their many forms - poetry, film, fiction, drama, the essay and technical communication - shape our critical and ethical sensibilities, our awareness of culture and tradition, and our identities as people in communities larger than ourselves.

Smaller class sizes allow for personalized learning and enhanced student participation in the classroom. Our dedicated and award winning faculty will not only know your name, they will welcome you with a range of conceptual approaches to literature. Whether you find yourself in a Comics as Literature course, or a course on Victorian Literary Aesthetics, you can be sure that texts are treated as a living force capable of both impacting and being impacted by the larger concerns of the society around us.

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Student Success Stories


"The small class sizes and incredible professors at MRU made me feel like I was part of a community of learning. I will always fondly remember the education and mentorship I received at MRU, as well as the long-standing friendships I made there. I am now employed as a full-time researcher and writer in Toronto, and credit my success to the superior education and experience I acquired at MRU."

Kim Munchrath, BA - English, 2012
MA - English, York University, 2014

"The Spanish program has enabled me to better understand the journey that all these candidates and students have to go through to learn another language. I believe that there many different opportunities after graduating with a Spanish degree, whether it's a stepping stone towards masters or doctors degree, or the course that inspires you to pursue your goals and passions."

Dalene Volschenk, BA - Spanish, 2012

arts_English-ROttAfter graduating with the BA in English Rachel Ott (BA - English, 2011, MRU) completed her Masters Degree in Professional Communication and is currently in the last year of her Education degree at the U of C after which she intends to go on to a career in the field. She currently works part time at The Society for Treatment of Autism and volunteers as a Reading Buddy for the Calgary Public Library, which helps struggling readers in grades 1-6 learn to love reading.

She notes that her future goal as an educator is "to instill a passion for learning in my students, much like my teachers did for me at Mount Royal."

Photo credit Samantha Wahay


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