Brant Downey


Office: B 349-R
Phone: 403.440.8828

Brant Downey has taught at MRU since 2007.
His interests include the history and development of sociology.
His dissertation, "W. I. Thomas and the Sociology of Sex Differences," is an intellectual biography of an early American theorist who did pioneering work on the status of women in society.

Courses taught at Mount Royal
SLGY 1101 Introduction to Sociology
SLGY 1103 The Sociological Imagination
SLGY 2131 Classical Sociological Theory
SLGY 2232 Introduction to Sociological Research Methods
SLGY 2253 Urban Sociology
SLGY 2265 Social Stratification and Inequality
SLGY 3323 Qualitative Research Methods
SLGY 3333 Contemporary Social Theory
GNED 1304 Communities and Societies