Anthropology Program

Bachelor of Arts - Anthropology


The Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology provides you with a broad, integrated knowledge of the subject. Study the human condition and existence through examinations and interpretations of biological, archaeological, linguistic and cultural variation.

You will learn about human cultural diversity and how to compare your own culture with those that are remote in time and geographic distance. Specifically, you will learn how individuals are subjected to, participate in, and contest the processes of living in various cultures. You will also learn about cultural theories, as well as anthropological research methods including ethnography and archaeology, among others.

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Honours ProgramThe honours program in Anthropology allows you to graduate with both a broad and extensive background in your field and with a strong and in-depth concentration on a specialized area of interest.
Captivating careersThe Anthropology major prepares you for a wide range of careers in cultural resource management, archaeology, international development/affairs, tourism/heritage, healthcare services, and humanitarian efforts and advocacy, among others.

Career possibilities

  • Social policy analyst
  • Forensic analyst
  • International aid and development worker

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The field of Anthropology covers all aspects of human life, across time and space. The goal is a holistic understanding of our varied way of life. You will gain knowledge in areas such as cultural anthropology, biological anthropology, linguistic anthropology and archaeology, and the interconnections among them.

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Do you like Indiana Jones? Would you like to meet people within the Anthropology program? Would you like to be part of an inclusive and positive student club where you can create and develop friendships with other students in Anthropology? Are you looking for volunteer experience and development opportunities? Then join the Anthropology Club!


The Anthropology Club is a student-run club focusing on the promotion, discussion, and development of ideas in all four fields of anthropology. Included in this is networking between students majoring and/or minoring in anthropology, students with a general interest in anthropology, and professionals in the fields of anthropology and archaeology. We aim to provide a mix of both social and academic events to all members and those interested.



If you would like to be part of the Anthropology Club, obtain information about our activities and events, or just want to know more about our club, please speak to one of the Executive Officers. You can also visit the website to view the calendar of events and next meetings here:


Club email:

Facebook: @MRUAnthropologyClub

Instagram: @MRUAnthropologyClub

Twitter: @MRUAnthClub



To share knowledge and grow a community of Anthropology undergraduates and Anthropology enthusiasts by promoting anthropology activities within and outside the department.


2017/18 Executive Team

Melissa Bancroft, President

Joseph Plant, Vice President

Sean McGowan, Treasurer

Samina Sheikh, Events Coordinator

Aura Cruz, Chair

Dr. Samanti Kulatilake, Faculty Liaison



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