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The Bachelor of Arts in Sociology is designed to expand your sociological imaginations by challenging you to think critically about the ways in which society is created, maintained and changed. It is the study of individuals, groups, and social institutions within society. Sociology investigates the social causes and consequences of social phenomena including deviance and crime, schools and education, health and illness, environmental disasters, economic development, social movements, and inequalities such as gender inequality, racial inequality and class inequality.

You will learn how individuals' thoughts, perceptions, beliefs, attitudes, actions, opportunities, and interactions are shaped by social categories such as age, ability, gender, class, race, etc., as well as social institutions such as government, workplace, education, media, family, and religion, among others. You will also learn classical and modern sociological theories, as well as, qualitative and quantitative research methods that guide sociological research, analysis and explanations of social phenomena.

Apart from the intrinsic value of learning to think critically about the taken-for-granted world, a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology helps prepare you for graduate school and/or a wide range of careers in areas such as independent research, social services, community advocacy, and teaching.

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Honours ProgramThe honours program in Sociology allows you to graduate with both a broad and extensive background in your field and with strong and in-depth concentration on a specialized area of interest.
Captivating careersSociology prepares you for a wide range of careers in law, corrections, forensics, policing, immigration, social policy, emergency management, mass communications, counselling, human/social services and public health, among others.

Career possibilities

  • Human rights officer
  • Social research assistant
  • Social trends or data analyst

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Sociology encourages students to engage their "sociological imaginations" through a critical examination of society. It is a wide-ranging discipline, from the macro study of large social systems and institutions to the micro scrutiny of social interaction. Through a sociological lens, students explore the ways in which societies are created, maintained and transformed with a focus on issues of power, social inequality, and social resistance.

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Peace and Conflict Studies asks questions about inter/intra state warfare, gender dynamics and gender justice in conflict zones, colonial violence, Indigenous resistance/resurgence, and grassroots initiatives for peace and justice. Focusing on local and global contexts, Peace and Conflict Studies critically examines the political, social, economic and cultural structures and forces underpinning war and violence, and it investigates paths towards establishing and building peace. Peace and Conflict Studies courses are often interdisciplinary, intersectional, and global, reflecting the rich interdisciplinary frameworks of postcolonialism, feminism, international political sociology, history, and international relations.
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