Fredrick Ulmer

Frederick Ulmer

B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed. (U of Alta); Anthropology

Office: B349I
Phone: 403.440.6450

Areas of Specialization:

  • Aboriginal North America
    • Aboriginal Studies - contemporary Canadian Aboriginal issues
    • ethnography of Aboriginal North America with special interest in the Northwest Coast, the Subarctic, the Arctic and the Great Plains
  • peoples and cultures of the circumpolar region
  • hunter-gatherers
  • linguistic anthropology with a particular focus on cross-cultural communication, discourse strategies, and business communication
  • anthropology of gender
  • urban anthropology
  • anthropology of art

Fredrick Ulmer teaches Anthropology 2203: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology , Anthropology 2213: Contemporary Canadian Aboriginal Issues , Anthropology 3301: Cross-cultural Communication in the Business Context , Anthropology 3313: Ethnography of the Northwest Coast , Anthropology 3331: Anthropology of Gender , Anthropology 3335: Cultures of Selected Circumpolar Peoples , Anthropology 3355: Ethnographic Survey of Aboriginal North America ; Anthropology 3361: Hunter-Gatherer Adaptations , Anthropology 3368: An Anthropology of Art , Anthropology 3379: Urban Anthropology , and Anthropology 3381: Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology .

Fredrick Ulmer is currently involved in two research projects:

  • The "rodeo culture" of non-professional cowboys and cowgirls in southern Alberta. The specific focus is the members of the Foothills Cowboy Association and the rodeos they sanction. Research is being carried out with a Mount Royal colleague, Carol Krol, and involves both fieldwork and archival research.
  • Cross-cultural communication between Canadian Aboriginal people and "others," especially Euro-Canadians in "gatekeeper" positions in mainstream institutions with whom Canadian Aboriginals come in contact in their daily lives such as teachers, social workers, and police officers.