Mary-Lee Mulholland


Office: B349U
Phone: 403.440.8547
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Ph.D. Social Anthropology
York University, Toronto
Dissertation: Mariachi in Excess: Performing Race, Gender, Sexuality and Regionalism in Jalisco, Mexico

M.A. Anthropology
Carleton University, Ottawa
Thesis: Sensuous Politics: Salsa as Culture Critique

B.A. Honours Social Anthropology
University of Calgary, Calgary


Research Interests:
Performance and Performativity, Popular Culture, Sport (Martial Arts and Self-Defense), Gender and Sexuality, Race and Ethnicity, Modernity, Nationalism, Latin America, North America, Religion, Gender and Work, Consumption and Immigration.

Current Research:
• Gender, Performance and Martial Arts (Self-Defense)
• Religiously Affiliated Settlement Agencies in Alberta


Teaching Interests:
Anthropology of Religion, Ethnography of Latin America, Economic Anthropology, Anthropology of Performance, Anthropology of Gender and Sexuality, Cultural Studies and Popular Culture.
Current Courses:
• Anthropology 1103 - Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
• Anthropology 2231 - Anthropology of Gender
• Anthropology 2233 - Anthropology of Religion
• Anthropology 2251 - Gifts and Commodities
• Anthropology 3205 - Anthropological Imaginings of Latin America
• Anthropology 4401 - Anthropological Theory
• Anthropology 4450 - Advanced Topics: Anthropology of the Body


Select Publications

Latin America & Popular Culture

Mulholland, Mary-Lee (2013). "A Beautiful Thing: Mariachi and Femininity in Jalisco, Mexico." Anthropologica, 55(2), 359-372.

Mulholland, Mary-Lee (2012). "Mariachis Machos and Charros Gay: Masculinities in Guadalajara." In V. M. Macías-González & A. Rubenstein (Eds.), Masculinity and Sexuality In Modern Mexico (pp. 234-261). Albuquerque: University of New Mexico.

Mulholland, Mary-Lee (2007). "Mariachi and Mexican National Identity: Myths, Mestizaje and Mexicanidad." National Identities, 9(3), 247-264.

Mulholland, Mary-Lee (1999). Claiming Salsa: Rhythm as Identity Narratives. Socialist Studies Bulletin, 56 (April-June), 19-31.


Immigration & Integration

Mulholland, Mary-Lee (2017). "Welcoming the Stranger in Alberta: Newcomers, Secularism and Religiously Affiliated Settlement Agencies." Canadian Ethnic Studies, 49 (1): 19-42.

Mulholland, Mary-Lee (2006). "Guelph: A Promising City for Newcomers." Our Diverse Cities, 2(31-35).

Mulholland, Mary-Lee (2004). "Overview of Integration and Immigration Policies of Nine European Countries and the European Union." Ottawa: Integration Branch of the Department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Mulholland, Mary-Lee and John Biles (2004). "Newcomer Integration Policy in Canada." Italy: Fondazione Inizative Estudi Sulla Multietnictá (ISMU).



Mulholland, Mary-Lee (under review). "Honour and Shame: Plagiarism and the Governing of Student Morality."

Mulholland, Mary-Lee (2016). "Do These HIPS Lie?: Neoliberalism, Academic Plans and a Budget Crisis at Mount Royal University." Culture,10(1).

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