Shane Gannon


Title: Associate Professor

Office: EA 3107
Telephone: 403-440-6455
Fax: 403-440-5954

BA (Distinction), U of Calgary
BA (Honours), U of Calgary
MA, Western
PhD, U of Alberta

Shane, a geek with a love for science fiction and horror movies, is a social theorist with an interest in studying sexuality through a postcolonial and queer lens. He is particularly fascinated with questions around representations of the hijra, a particular group of ostensibly trans-gendered people in South Asia, in nineteenth-century British accounts. This interest overlaps and intersects others, including empire/globalisation; cultural studies; gender studies; and contemporary social theory.

Shane's teaching is designed to challenge the obviousness of the every day in such a way as to allow for a 'pedagogy of possibility'. His articulation of this pedagogical approach asks students to critically engage in and with their own identities so that they might subject themselves to a transformative critique of their everyday lives.