Sociology & Anthropology

Honours Program in Anthropology

An Honours degree recognizes academic excellence. The Honours Program in Anthropology offers dedicated undergraduate students the opportunity to conduct independent research under the supervision of a tenured/tenurable faculty member in Anthropology who has expertise in the student's chosen research area. Completion of an Honours degree indicates that a student has engaged in some form of independent learning, over and above that required by regular degree-related course work.

Application Process
As a first step, it is recommended that students meet with potential supervisors among the Anthropology faculty well in advance of the application deadline to discuss possible Honours projects. Potential supervisors must be tenured/tenurable Anthropology faculty members. Please refer to handbook.

The Department of Sociology & Anthropology will advertise and conduct an informational workshop for students in March. At this workshop the Departmental Honours programs and the application process will be described.

Students can obtain the latest Honours Package in March, from the Department of Sociology & Anthropology's main office or online. The Honours Package contains Honours Program in Anthropology Handbook and the Application for Admission to the Honours Program in Anthropology.

The deadline for submitting the completed application package is May 01 (normally in the year before the last year of their program). Completed packages must be submitted to the Department of Sociology & Anthropology's main office including a PDF copy of the student's mruGradU8 profile (current). Eligibility and Continuation in the Honours Program
For graduation with a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Anthropology, students should follow the calendar rules for the year they were officially admitted into the B.A. in Anthropology Program.

All Anthropology students must meet the general graduation requirements for the Bachelor of Arts with Honours. These requirements are indicated in the General Graduation Requirements of their academic calendar year of admission to the Bachelor of Arts Anthropology. Anthropology Honours students must complete the course work and grade point average graduation requirements as defined in their academic calendar.

Please note: A student who has graduated with a Bachelor of Arts may not enter Honours in the same discipline in which he or she has received the Bachelor of Arts degree.

Specific Anthropology Honours Graduation Course Requirements:
Students admitted prior to 2017-18 will use archived calendars available
Students admitted in 2017-18 will use archived calendar available

To review specific calendar year requirements, please meet with the Anthropology Advisor.

Specific Anthropology Discipline GPA Requirements for Eligibility:
To be admitted into the Anthropology Honours Program, a student must have a GPA of 3.00 across the last 10 Anthropology courses completed.

Specific Anthropology Discipline GPA Requirements for Continuance:

To continue in the Honours Program, a student is required to maintain a GPA of 3.00 across their Anthropology courses each semester. Should a student drop below a GPA of 3.00 in her/his Anthropology courses in any semester while enrolled in the Honours Program, that student will revert to the Majors stream for a BA in Anthropology.

Application Review ProcessBy May 15, the Anthropology Discipline's tenured/tenurable faculty members will review applications to decide which students will be accepted into the Anthropology Honours Program. Students who do not meet the set admission criteria will be informed by the Chair that their application to the Honours Program was unsuccessful.

Both the academic standing and the proposed thesis topic will be considered during the review process, with emphasis placed on the fit between the relevant research experience and interests of the supervisor and the proposed project. Each tenured/tenurable faculty member can supervise a maximum of 2 students in the Honours Program each academic year.

By June 01, The Chair will provide the official letters of acceptance to students, who will then be provided direction to register in the Honours courses.

Honours Courses
Honours students are required to take both Honours courses in Anthropology: ANTH 5110: Honours Research and ANTH 5120: Honours Thesis.

Students in ANTH 5110 will complete a thesis proposal, presentation, and other related work. Students in ANTH 5120 will continue to work on their Honours project by analyzing and discussing the anthropological significance of their findings and complete the writing of their thesis and present their findings.

The assigned supervisor is the primary person responsible for guiding the content, setting the assessment criteria (subject to Anthropology specific requirements), grading all work in ANTH 5110 and ANTH 5120 (including the thesis and the oral presentation of the proposal and thesis), and submitting final grades.

The Honours Writing Process
The supervisor is responsible in guiding and instructing her/his student/s in the research process.
The supervisor will be available to meet with each student on a regular basis. As a guideline, a meeting will take place every one or two weeks.
The supervisor will advise the student on the establishment of a realistic timeline for the completion of the various steps involved in their thesis research.

If a Reader or Adjunct is required or desired, s/he will provide specialized knowledge, research stimulus, guidance, and feedback on a regular or occasional basis to help students design, and carry out their thesis research. His or her role is supplementary to that of the supervisor. A Reader or Adjunct is not involved in formally assigning grades to a student's work in ANTH 5110 or ANTH 5120.