Sociology & Anthropology

Honours Program in Anthropology

An Honours degree recognizes academic excellence. The Honours Program in Anthropology offers dedicated undergraduate students the opportunity to conduct independent research under the supervision of a tenured/tenurable faculty member in Anthropology who has expertise in the student's chosen research area. Completion of an Honours degree indicates that a student has engaged in some form of independent learning, over and above that required by regular degree-related course work.

Application Process
As a first step, it is recommended that students meet with potential supervisors among the Anthropology faculty well in advance of the application deadline to discuss possible Honours projects. Potential supervisors must be tenured/tenurable Anthropology faculty members. Please refer to handbook.

The Department of Sociology & Anthropology will advertise and conduct an informational workshop for students in March. At this workshop the Departmental Honours programs and the application process will be described.

The Honours Package contains 1) B.A. Honours in Anthropology Handbook and 2) Application for Admission to the Honours Program in Anthropology.

The deadline for submitting the completed application package is May 01 (normally in the year before the last year of their program). Completed packages must be submitted to the Department of Sociology & Anthropology's main office including a PDF copy of the student's mruGradU8 profile (current). Eligibility and Continuation in the Honours Program
For graduation with a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Anthropology, students should follow the calendar rules for the year they were officially admitted into the B.A. in Anthropology Program.

Specific Anthropology Honours Graduation Course Requirements:
Students admitted prior to 2017-18 will use archived calendars available
Students admitted in 2017-18 will use archived calendar available

To review specific calendar year requirements, please meet with the Anthropology Advisor.