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Spirits at Play: Chaucer and the Luttrell Psalter

Chaucer WebheaderPublic lecture, sponsored by the Medieval miscere Colloquium Series:

Ashby Kinch's, PhD, talk will expand on ideas in his essay, "Intervisual Texts, Intertextual Images: Chaucer and the Luttrell Psalter," from the recent volume of essays: Chaucer: Visual Approaches (Penn State UP, 2016; eds. Susanna Fein and David Raybin). Part of a longer project comparing the artistic and intellectual interests of arguably the two most prominent products of late medieval English culture, his talk will examine ways in which new scholarship in art history might contribute to how we understand the exchange of ideas between literary and visual forms.

Dr. Kinch is Professor of English at the University of Montana.

Event Details

Feb. 1, 2017

4:30 p.m.

The Knuckle (EA 3001)

Mount Royal University

4825 Mount Royal Gate SW