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Student Evaluation of Teaching Ratings Do Not Measure Faculty's Teaching Effectiveness

Featuring keynote Bob Uttl, PhD, Department of Psychology, Mount Royal University

Student evaluation of teaching (SET) ratings are used to evaluate faculty's teaching effectiveness based on a widespread belief that students learn more from highly rated professors. The key evidence cited in support of this belief are meta-analyses of so called multi-section studies showing small-to-moderate correlations between SET ratings and student achievement (e.g., Cohen, 1980, 1981; Feldman, 1989; Clayson, 2009). We reexamined, reanalyzed and replicated these meta-analyses and found that their findings were artifact of small sample size studies, publication bias, and poor meta-analytic methods. Our up to date meta-analyses show that there is zero correlation between the SET ratings and learning. Institutions focused on student learning and career success may want to abandon SET ratings as a measure of faculty's teaching effectiveness.

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4 - 5 p.m.

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