Please note that the information and advice provided below, and on the attached Tip Sheets, is specific to students in the Bachelor of Business Administration program.  For information on how this advice relates to other MRU degrees, please consult your Academic Advisor directly.

Letter of Permission

Students registered in baccalaureate or applied degree, diploma, or certificate programs at Mount Royal University may be granted permission to take a limited number of courses at other recognized or accredited post-secondary institutions.  When approved, a Letter of Permission (LOP) provides a guarantee that a course successfully completed at another institution will fulfill a current program requirement for graduation purposes.  LOPs must be obtained prior to registering for the course(s) at another post-secondary institution.

For more information on LOPs, please see the LOP Information for BBA Students Tip Sheet.

International Exchanges

International exchanges are an excellent opportunity for students to differentiate their degree, allowing students to take advantage of agreements to use courses taken at over fifty post-secondary institutions towards their MRU degree.

For more information on international exchanges for students in the BBA, please attend an information session through International Education, and then review International Exchanges for BBA Students Tip Sheet which discusses transfer credit in detail.

Directed Readings

A directed readings course is essentially a one-on-one independent study, which the student arranges individually with a professor if the topic is not already covered in regularly offered courses.  Most subjects within the BBA have directed readings options, normally with the course numbers 2299 or 3399 (eg. INBU 3399).

For more information on how directed readings may apply to your BBA, please see the Directed Readings for BBA Students Tip Sheet.

Please click here to read about other options for student research.

Group Work Survival Guide

There will be group work required in pretty much every business course you take (yes, even in Accounting!). No matter how you feel about group work, there are ways to optimize the strength of the group and limit challenges.

For more information on how to survive a group assignment, please see the Tip Sheet for Surviving Group Projects.

Grades - How Am I Really Doing?

If you would like to assess how you're doing in your courses, here are some helpful hints to track your progress, as well as some things that the Advisors may look at to help you with any academic decisions throughout the year.

For more information on how to assess your grades throughout the semester, please see the Grades - How Am I Really Doing? Tip Sheet.

Communicating with Your Professors

Use these techniques to better communicate with your professors (and MRU staff!).  For more information on how to communicate effectively, please see the Communicating with Your Professors Tip Sheet.

Building a Multi-Year Academic Plan

When you build a multi-year plan, it still has to remain flexible in case you change your mind about specializations… but it can also help provide structure and certainty.  For more information on how to build your course selection plan, please see the Building a Multi-Year Academic Plan Tip Sheet.

Five Reasons to Declare Your Major Early

Declaring your major can give you some much needed direction when planning out the remainder of your degree... but there are other reasons why you'll want to declare your major as soon as you've made your decision. For more information on why it's important to declare your intentions early in your degree, please see the Five Reasons to Declare Your Major Early Tip Sheet.

Withdrawing from a Course

If you are considering withdrawing from a course, we've put together a list of things that you should consider before making your final decision.  For more information on what a withdrawl from a course really means, and other possible options to consider, please see the Withdrawing from a Course Tip Sheet.


Not sure when you should be registering?  What is a registration deposit?  Do I have to pay a registration deposit?  All of these questions are answered on our Registration Tip Sheet.