Outbound Opportunities


Full Semester Exchange

Fall and Winter Semester

Spend one or two semesters totally immersed in another culture as you study at one of our exchange locations.

Summer Exchange

Summer Semester

Combine a cultural experience with topical learning as you spend part of your summer studying abroad. Experiences range from 2-6 weeks. Check out our summer opportunities

Have an enriching independent academic experience while expanding your perspective and leaving your comfort zone. Spend a semester or two abroad immersed in another culture. 


Student experiences

"While I was abroad, there were so many things that were so strange to me, whether that was how to properly address a professor or how to register for courses, but being able to overcome those challenges makes me believe that I can truly take on anything when it comes to my education.” – Daril, University of Cologne in Germany Fall 2019
"It makes you more open to new experiences and enables you to not be afraid of risk, as leaving your home and life behind is not an easy task; it can be scary. By doing the program you gain confidence in yourself, you learn new skills, and most of all you learn to adapt to change.” – Crystal, Hirosaki University in Japan Winter/Fall 2019
"I will never forget my time in England. By moving across the world, I have become a more outgoing person and I hope that I will retain this back in Canada and continue to seek out exciting and new things.” – Mark, Solent University in England Fall 2019



international exchange process

Get ready

  1. Attend a Study Abroad Info Session (available weekly throughout the semester).
  2. Review the list of post-secondary institutions and their locations participating in MRU Student Exchange Agreements.
  3. Meet with your academic advisor for your current program to discuss how an exchange will fit into your degree/diploma:
    1. current progress in your program
    2. remaining course requirements
    3. preferred requirements to fulfill at the partner institution

*You must be a full-time credit MRU student in order to be considered for an exchange.*


  1. Review the criteria and submit your application and supporting documents.
    1. Official transcript
    2. Resume
    3. Statement of purpose
    4. Confirmation of Registration to MyWorldAbroad
    5. Testimonial and Media Release Form
  1. Complete the interview selection process with International Education.
  2. If you are selected to go abroad by International Education, a decision regarding your exchange will be emailed to you along with Next Steps.
  3. Attend the Exchange Pre-Departure Session.
  4. Complete the application process for the partner institution once you are contacted by a representative from the International Office at that institution.

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 Important dates and deadlines for exchange

Item Date
Exchange Program application deadline for Spring, Summer, Fall 2024, Winter 2025 February 23, 2024
Second deadline for Exchange Program applications for Winter 2025 October 1, 2024
Exchange Program application deadline for Spring, Summer, Fall 2025, Winter 2026 February 21, 2025
Second deadline for Exchange Program applications for Winter 2026 October 1, 2025