Important Information for International Students

Admission and Transfer Credit

International applicants are only assessed for eight equivalencies as part of the admission process. If you think you have more courses that could be used in your degree (e.g. for core requirements or additional electives), you need to contact to ask them to evaluate additional courses.  You will need to supply the Transfer Credit office with full course outlines (in English) to be considered for any additional equivalencies.

Full-time status for Certificate Students

International students who are required to be full-time to meet the conditions of their student visa may need to take courses not in the program to meet the full-time student threshold. Prerequisites must be followed for all courses. 

The certificates can rarely be completed in one year, and the timeline will depend on the articulation of previously completed coursework and availability of courses. If a student has questions about the student visa letters provided, they are encouraged to speak directly to the Admissions department or email

Optimizing Transfer Credit

If some of your transfer credit does not appear to be very specific (e.g. UNSP 1XXX or SLGY 2XXX) and you think you have completed equivalent content to specific course requirements you see in the audit, you will want to submit course outlines from your previous institutions to help determine more specific transfer credit. You can find information online about the process. 

If you think your previous coursework provides the depth and breadth comparable to MRU’s GNED and would like to have a conversation about this, please email the GNED Advisor (from your email account) at


If a transferred course appears as anything other than the prerequisite course (eg, if it looks like UNSP 2XXX or MGMT 2XXX) THIS COURSE WILL NOT WORK AS A PREREQUISITE IN ITS CURRENT FORM. You can decide if you want to seek more specific transfer equivalency by submitting the course outline to Note the deadlines outlined on their web page that also outlines the process.

Supports for International Students

The International Student Support Centre (ISSC) provides a dedicated space for students to get information from student leaders who can provide help and connect you with international and Canadian students. You can join events and engage in social and cultural activities. You can also study and practice your language skills by learning from each other.

Student Visa and Post-Graduate Work Permits

If students have questions about the student visa process, or applying for a post-graduate work permit, please contact International Education directly at