Congratulations on your offer of admission to the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) at Mount Royal University!  Your Business Advisors have put together some important information for students newly admitted to the BBA.  

New Students from High School or Academic Upgrading


2023 New Student Advising Presentation
(a visual presentation based on the information in the Program Advising Guide)

If you need additional help with the registration process, use some of the helpful links below to assist you with getting registered in classes for Fall 2022.

Step 1: Read your Advising Guide.

Review the BBA Program Advising Guide for registration information and recommended first-year courses for your degree.

Step 2: Plan your courses.

Use the BBA Program Advising Guide, the General Education list of approved courses, the online Interactive Course Search and/or the course descriptions in the Academic Calendar to assist with course selection.

When this step is complete, you should have a list of ten (10) courses to take in your first year.  

Step 3: Register for your courses.

View all of the different days/times you can take the courses that you have selected above, create your timetable, and register into your courses.

Use the tutorials available online to register for your courses.  You can also use My Schedule Builder (MSB) to help you plan your course schedule.

Step 4: More help is available.

Visit the Credit Registration website for answers to common registration related questions such as error messages and wait listing for courses. You can also contact the Registration Help Line by phone at 403.440.3303 or by email (from your email account) to

Registering for courses using

It is your responsibility to register in your courses and ensure that the courses you select meet the program and graduation requirements as outlined in the MRU Academic Calendar and summarized above.

Use the online Academic Calendar to explore possible courses of interest and to check that you meet prerequisites. You will register for courses using the registration system found in, Register & Pay tab.

Tracking your progress through mruGradU8

mruGradU8 is a program audit system and advising tool designed to assist you in reviewing your academic history, identifying requirements you completed and those that are still needed for graduation.  As you move through your degree, mruGradU8 will become a great planning tool for you to measure your progress. 

You will login to mruGradU8 through your account, under the ‘My Program’ tab.  When you click on the icon or follow the link, your audit will open.

In order to ensure that your curriculum is current, please click the ‘Process New’ tab at the top of the audit every time that you login to mruGradU8.

Each semester, information about your course registration will be added to your audit so you can see which courses you register in and which ones you complete.  This will be a great tool for you and your advisor to use to ensure that the courses you are taking will meet graduation requirements for your program.

Learn more about mruGradU8, including frequently asked questions.

Preparing for your first semester

  1. Activate and start using your email address. If you need some help doing so, instructions are available online.
  2. Sign up for New Student Orientation. Information on New Student Orientation is available online, and will be updated throughout the summer with more details.
  3. Apply for student loan funding, if needed. Applications are generally available in early June, and you can check out the Financing your Education website for more information.
  4. Buy your textbooks. Many books aren't available until mid to late-August, so keep an eye on the Cougars Campus Store website, where you can access your personalized booklist.
  5. Explore your and D2L accounts. Don't be alarmed if your courses aren't loaded into D2L until right before the beginning of the semester, but it's a good idea to help familiarize yourself with the two programs prior to the beginning of your first year.
  6. Enter all of the important dates and deadlines for each semester into your Google Calendar. Include your lectures, labs and tutorials, as well as the deadlines for adding/dropping courses, tuition payments, reading week, the withdrawal deadline, and the final exam period.

Thinking ahead to your second year

Registration begins mid-March for the following academic year.

  • Pay your Registration Deposit ($125 per semester for each of the Fall and Winter = $250).
  • Check your Registration Status on for your specific Registration Access Date.
  • Access the program planning sheets and use the 'what-if' feature on mruGradU8 to explore different majors, concentrations and minors. Consider attending a Career Passions workshop if you need help choosing an area of specialization.
  • You can declare your intended major/minor/concentration after you have completed at least 10 courses, including at least one in the discipline in which you plan to specialize.
  • Email your Academic Advisor to help you choose your second year courses prior to your registration date.

Still have questions?

Visit the New Student FAQ page to see if your question is answered there. If not, email your Business Advisors at from your email address.