Transfer Equivalencies

Transfer Equivalencies

Upon receipt of an application for admission and an official transcript from each current or previously attended post-secondary institution, transfer course equivalencies are assessed.

To be considered for transfer equivalency, each course must have been completed at a recognized accredited post-secondary institution with a minimum passing grade.

Regardless when a course was completed, normally it may be considered for a transfer equivalency. However, limitations do exist for time-sensitive courses, e.g. Computer Science, Midwifery, Nursing, and Science. Refer to Transfer Credit Assessment within individual program requirements.

How to view your transfer equivalencies

You can view your transfer equivalencies through MyMRU. Only courses which have been assessed by the appropriate Chair and for which an equivalency exists are listed.

  1. Log into MyMRU
  2. Click on My Program
  3. Click on Advising & Course Planning
  4. Click on Am I on track to graduate? (mruGradU8)

Unspecified Equivalency

Transfer equivalencies are either direct equivalents to specific Mount Royal courses or unspecified courses at the appropriate post-secondary level. Courses granted unspecified equivalents are indicated as XXXX, 1XXX, 2XXX, 3XXX. An unspecified transfer equivalency may satisfy an Elective but not a specific course requirement.

Courses completed in academic disciplines at the university level which are not offered by MRU are considered as an unspecified transfer equivalency. If the transfer equivalency assigned by MRU is unspecified and you think it might transfer as a direct equivalent, you need to provide the detailed course outline for assessment.

Detailed course outlines will only be evaluated for applicants who have received a (conditional) offer of admission.

A detailed course outline includes course outline, weekly structure, textbook(s), reading requirements, learning outcomes and instructor qualifications. Web or calendar descriptions are not accepted due to minimal content.

In order to have your detailed course outline evaluated for a direct equivalency, please fill out the "Detailed Course Outline Evaluation Request" form. You will need to be signed in to your MRU email ( in order to submit detailed course outlines for evaluation. 

1. Detailed course outlines must be from the term and year the course was completed. Detailed course outlines from different academic years cannot be reviewed.
2. Course outlines submitted for evaluation MUST be in English (the language of instruction at MRU).
If the outlines are in a language other than English, it is the student's responsibility to have the outlines translated and notarized by an accredited translation service.  A copy of the original course outline and the translated copy MUST both be submitted for evaluation. 

Timelines for transfer equivalency assessments:

Semester Deadline to submit detailed course outline(s) 
Transfer Credit Request
Departmental Decision finalized by:
Fall April 15 June 15
Winter October 15 December 15
Spring February 15 April 15

Failure to submit the detailed course outline by the deadline, may affect whether a course prerequisite has been met. Lack of the course prerequisite would limit your choice of courses when registering and/or result in your removal from a class list. Refer to Prerequisite Checking in this section below.

Transfer Credit

Transfer Equivalencies become Transfer Credit when the course satisfies a graduation requirement. If a higher grade is required to satisfy either course prerequisites or a program continuance (refer to individual program requirements), a transfer course with a minimum passing grade would not satisfy a direct equivalent.

A maximum of 50% of the program to which a student is officially admitted may be completed as Transfer Credit.

Assessed Transfer Credit is viewable in the student's mruGradU8 program audit.