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Child Development Lab

MRU’s living classroom promotes student learning, research, and community education!

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The CDL uses all possible resources and all contributing members to create the best environment that supports the well-being of developing children.


Student Learning: Students have a unique opportunity to learn about how best to support healthy child and brain development by observing, interacting, and playing with children in the CDL.

Research: Faculty, students, and community partners engage in collaborative and applied research using the cutting edge technology and editing capacities of the CDL.

Community Education: Practitioners attend professional development opportunities and families attend parenting programming with their children

Thanks to our Anonymous Donor, the CDL is equipped with state of the art technology including:

• Four zoom cameras and four “eye in the sky” cameras with 16 microphones and baffles to mitigate echo in the large 30’ by 30’ fully equipped playroom

• Viewing monitors and recording software in the 30 seat observation room and attached editing suite

Ways the CDL space can be used: 

Our vision is to have community members use the lab for professional development and research opportunities. 

• Community seminars 

• Professional development opportunities 

• Family networking opportunities (programs, agencies) 

    Parent discussion groups

    Coffee and play 

Book the CDL

For information on booking the Child Development Lab, contact:

Heather Pollard
Lab Coordinator


Anonymous Donation adds Technology to the CDL

Thanks to a generous gift from an anonymous donor the Child Development Lab now has video and audio capabilities. This new technology includes 8 cameras and 16 microphones that allow students, faculty, and researchers to observe children at play and adult child interactions without intruding on them. The donation also included funds to hire a research and lab coordinator and student research assistants.

Dawne Clark, Co-Director of the Child Development Lab says this new technology gives us increased power “to build adult capabilities to build enhanced child outcomes”.

The Child Development Lab includes a play room and observation area that will be used by students, professionals and parents. The observation room houses an editing suite that enables observers to record, edit, mark and tag videos of the children’s interactions.

CDL Grand Opening 2012

Mount Royal University community celebrated the grand opening of the Child Development lab on Nov. 20, 2012.