Faculty & Staff


Shauna Snow-Capparelli

Associate Professor, Bachelor of Communication-Journalism

For nearly 13 years, Shauna was a reporter at the Los Angeles Times where she wrote and edited a daily arts and entertainment news column. But since joining MRU in 2001, Shauna has focused on teaching professional and ethical journalism practice to her students, and in 2011 won the "Teaching News Terrifically in the 21st Century" award from the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC). She sits on the Canadian Association of Journalists' national Ethics Advisory Board, for which she chaired the writing in 2011 of the CAJ's Ethics Guidelines and Principles for Ethical Journalism. She currently teaches media ethics, but prior to becoming program chair, spent more than a decade as the faculty supervisor for the journalism program's award-winning community news outlet, the Calgary Journal. Shauna also sits on the advisory boards of both NewCanadianMedia.ca and J-Source.ca, and is also the only Canadian editorial board member of the AEJMC's refereed scholarly publication Newspaper Research Journal. Shauna has a Master of Arts in Integrated Studies (MAIS) from Athabasca University, and a Bachelor of Arts from the journalism program at California State University, Fullerton, where she held a number of editorial positions including executive editor on the university's award-winning newspaper, the Daily Titan.