Faculty & Staff

Michelle Briegel, MED, CCYCC

Academic title: Associate Professor

Email: mbriegel@mtroyal.ca
Phone: 403.440.6248

MEd, Concordia University
BAJS, Mount Royal College
Criminology Diploma, Mount Royal College


Michelle Briegel is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Child Studies and Social Work, Child Studies Program, Child and Youth Care Major. Michelle has spent much of her career working in the child and youth care field, while also teaching part-time at Mount Royal University. Michelle's primary role now is full-time Assistant Professor and she continues to support the field of child and youth care as President of the Child and Youth Care Association of Alberta. Dedicated to the profession of child and youth care, Michelle is committed to teaching and mentoring Child and Youth Care Counsellors in their development inside the classroom and in practice. Through scholarship and service, Michelle examines the development of the profession through areas of provincial regulation, training, counsellor well-being, student well-being, and issues that influence child and youth care counsellor practice.

Areas of Instruction

  • Foundations of Child and Youth Care
  • The Profession of Child and Youth Care
  • Practicum and Capstone
  • Vulnerable children, youth, and families
  • Policies and Issues

Areas of Scholarship

  • Child and Youth Care Counselling
  • The Professional Development of Child and Youth Care Counsellors
  • The Well-Being of Students in Child Studies; Child and Youth Care Counsellors; and Children, Youth, and Families

Selected Publications

Child and Youth Care Practice: Collected Wisdom for New Practitioners.
Child and Youth Mental Health in Canada: Cases from Front-Line Settings. Chapter: Youth Criminal Justice
Re-thinking Professional Development of Child and Youth Care Practitioners, RCYCP Vol.30 No.3 p10
Boom or Bust? ... I say BOOM! RCYCP Vol.26 No.1 p26

Selected Presentations

Transforming Ideas around CYC Practice within an Eating Disorder Context for Young People and their Families
Developing Child and Youth Care competencies on a budget: The Transformation to Professional Practice in Child and Youth Care with Accessible Online Learning

Relevant Community Service

  • Board of Directors for the Child and Youth Care Association of Alberta
  • Steering Committee for the Federation of Associations of Counselling Therapy
  • Board of Directors for Association of Counselling Therapists of Alberta
  • Board of Directors for the Orenda Society