Faculty & Staff

The instructors in the Department of Child Studies and Social Work are committed to making a real difference in the community both as practicing professionals in the social service industry and in their role as instructors and mentors to new professionals training at Mount Royal University. You'll also benefit from access to a talented pool of part-time instructors and an extensive lineup of guest lecturers who provide valuable perspective and insight.

Social Work Diploma

Peter Choate, PhD, MSW, RSW

Yasmin Dean, PhD, MSW, RSW

Marva Ferguson, PhD(C), MSW, RSW

Audra Foggin, MSW, RSW

Brent Oliver, PhD, MSW, RSW

Chris Tortorelli, MSW, RSW

D. Gaye Watson Warthe, PhD, MSW, RSW 


Department of Child Studies and Social Work
  • Roy Bear Chief, MSW, Espoom Tah (helper)
  • Sandra Hughes, Administrative Assistant to the Department
  • Rona Reitsema, Administrative Assistant to the Chair
Child Studies

Social Work

  • Gina Adams, RSW, Coordinator, Practicum and Advising

Professor Emerita

  • Joanne Baxter, PhD
  • Dawne Clark, PhD
  • Marlene Kingsmith, PhD