Child Studies and Social Work

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Bachelor of Child Studies

With a progressive approach to studies that focus on children and youth, Mount Royal University's distinctive program emphasizes experiential learning in early learning and child and youth care. The program provides a theoretical foundation and valuable hands-on learning opportunities in and outside the classroom. Going beyond traditional program offerings, the Bachelor of Child Studies focuses on creating experienced, well-rounded graduates who are prepared to become strong advocates for children, youth and families or pursue further education at a graduate school level. Mount Royal University is proud to deliver the only Bachelor of Child Studies degree in Western Canada.

Specialize in one of the two majors listed below, with each stream offering current perspectives that emphasize collaboration and community leadership skills. The Bachelor of Child of Studies equips students with a combination of theory and practical skills to pay it forward by making a difference in the lives of children or youth as an educator, mentor, leader or counsellor.


You must apply to one of the following majors on your initial application:

Bachelor of Child Studies

The Bachelor of Child Studies will give you the knowledge and skills you need to create innovative solutions to the diverse challenges that face children and youth, and their families.

You must apply to one of the following majors:





Bachelor of Social Work and Social Work Diploma

The Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) is Alberta's first direct entry into a four-year degree that offers a generalist approach to social work practice. The option to pursue advanced study within a concentration is available. Courses in social work practice, theory, policy, and research are grounded within contemporary theoretical frameworks, including decolonization, Indigenous ways of knowing, anti-oppressive practice, and strengths perspectives. The BSW will prepare you for practice with individuals, children and families, groups, and communities in complex social settings.

The Social Work Diploma is the perfect place for committed, passionate people who want to help enhance the well-being of all members of our society.