Faculty & Staff

Audra Foggin, MSW, RSW, BA

Academic Title: Associate Professor

MSW, University of Calgary
BSW, University of Calgary
BA, University of Lethbridge

Phone: 403.440.8976


With a background in Child and Family Services, Audra's interests are in community collaboration, mental health, anti-racism, anti-oppressive practices, mentorship and Indigenous knowledges. Audra is a member of the ACSW and a Registered Social Worker.

Areas of Instruction 

  • Social Work with Communities 
  • Addictions and Mental Health 
  • Indigenous Knowledges in the Helping Profession 
  • Leadership and Interprofessional Practice 
  • Professional Communication 

Areas of Scholarship 

  • Child Welfare 
  • Indigenous Knowledges
  • Anti-Racism
  • Decolonial Pedagogy

Selected Publications 

Bearchief, R., Audra, F., Karen, P., & Donna, S. (2020). Ai so kso tsipa iisko tsiki: (Dismantling the past). Decolonization through education using the Anitopisi framework:from irrelevance to relevance.

Choate, P., & Foggin, A. (2020). Truth, reconciliation and social work. SWSD Annual Social Work , Social Development Conference.

SWSD Joint World Conference on Social Work, Education and Social Development. Foggin, A. C., & Smith, D. (n.d.). Doing no harm: the role of the ally in Indigenous social work practice. SWSD Annual Social Work, Social Development Conference

Tortorelli, C. D., Dean, Y. Z., Ferguson, M. J., Foggin, A. C., Choate, P. W., Adams, G., … Kaur, S. (2020). Supporting Success with International Students in Social Work Education. International Federation of Social Workers.

Selected Presentations 

City of Calgary Town Hall Forum on Racism City of Calgary A call for community members from the Black, Indigenous, People of Color to discuss racism and experiences within the City of Calgary. Recommendations and strategies were discussed. July 17, 2020

Community Collaboration through Changemakers Studio, Equine Therapy Project.

Foggin, A. C., & Littlelight, B. (2020). Anti-Racism In Alberta. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Uu0Dzo_exY 

Raven, S., & Audra, F. (2020). Discussion about Decolonial Pedagogy. Video Recording.