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The Bachelor of Social Work is the entry-level credential for the profession of social work in Canada. Bachelor of Social Work graduates, in good standing with the Alberta College of Social Workers are eligible for registration in any province in Canada, and the Bachelor of Social Work is a recognized credential internationally.

The diversity represented in the Mount Royal University Social Work program student body has enabled the program to provide human service organizations in Alberta with graduates that represent the populations these agencies serve. The degree prepares graduates to work effectively across the lifespan for all Albertans’ safety, protection, and sustainable growth.

Child Intervention Concentration

The Child Intervention concentration focuses on the best and current practices in child intervention specific to assessment, planning, intervention, safety, and resilience and is a unique Alberta offering. 

The concentration has six courses, including a 350-hour practicum. Providing an opportunity for you to learn, integrate, and practice the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully enter child intervention practice immediately following graduation.



The curriculum promotes an understanding of factors that instill resilience. With an increased focus on decolonization and Indigenous ways of knowing will further enhance Social Work graduates’ essential skills. 

A Social Work degree is required for most positions in the child intervention/child welfare/child protection and health care fields.

Future Studies

Graduates of the Bachelor of Social Work program are eligible to continue into graduate programs in Canada and internationally. 

A Master of Social Work is the most common pathway for Bachelor of Social Work graduates. 



Increasingly, Bachelor of Social Work graduates are pursuing graduate education.






In addition to graduate programs in social work, the Bachelor of Social Work provides pathways into other professional programs, including:

  • Bachelor of Law

Graduate programs outside of social work:

  • Business (MBA)
  • Counselling (MC)
  • Psychology (MA or MSc)
  • Policy Studies (MA), and 
  • other programs in allied professions and disciplines.

When Social Work graduates enter these professions, they bring a perspective and a set of complementary skills to the profession that provide added benefits to the system.


Bachelor of Social Work graduates are highly employable. 

The degree meets student and industry demand for degree-trained professionals with expertise in child intervention and child welfare and increased preparation for working with Indigenous families and communities.


Bachelor of Social Work graduates work in the following sectors, and, commonly, they work in several different sectors throughout their career:

  • Child intervention/welfare/child protection
  • Family and sexual violence
  • Primary health care
  • Mental health and addictions
  • Homelessness and housing
  • Community development
  • Schools
  • Seniors
  • Corrections
  •  Disability/Rehabilitation

Sample job titles for social workers include:

  • Addiction Social Worker
  • Case Management Consultant — Social Work
  • Case Management Social Worker
  • Case Work Consultant — Social Work
  • Casework Supervisor — Social Work
  • Caseworker — Social Work
  • Certified Social Worker
  • Child Welfare Social Worker
  • Children's Aid Investigator
  • Coordinator of Social Work
  • Family Social Worker
  • Geriatric Social Worker
  • Group Social Worker
  • Medical Social Worker
  • Psychiatric Social Worker
  • Registered Social Worker
  • School Social Worker
  • Social Casework Consultant
  • Social Work Coordinator
  • Social Work Officer
  • Social Work Officer — Military
  • Social Work Supervisor
  • Social Worker
  • Social Worker, Groups
  • Social Workers Supervisor

Student Supports

You will have access to academic, health, and mental health resources through a variety of resources on campus.

These services are available to support students while in progress within their programs and transition from post-secondary to work. 

Indigenous students have access to specialized resources through the Iniskim Centre and the Students’ Association.

Student Counselling Services offer a variety of free workshops throughout the academic year for Mount Royal students to assist with career planning and career choices.

Career Services at Mount Royal University provides opportunities for students to clarify, experience and achieve their career and employment goals.

Programs and services relevant for the Bachelor of Social Work focus on:

  • career education and employment development;
  • employer recruitment and job posting services; and
  • services for faculty that complement a student’s academic experience (e.g. resume and interview preparation before practicum interviews).

*Annual survey of current students conducted by the Social Work Program in April 2018.