Faculty & Staff

Carolyn Bjartveit, PhD, CDS

Academic title: Associate Professor

Office: T389
Email: cbjartveit@mtroyal.ca
Phone: 403.440.6214

PhD, University of Calgary
MEd, University of Calgary
BSc, University of Toronto


Carolyn is coordinating the Bachelor of Child Studies (BCST) degree program and the Early Learning and Child Care (ELCC) major in the BCST. Carolyn’s research focuses on human rights, social justice, topics of teaching and learning, and the complex intersections of the self of students and educators with the curriculum in culturally diverse post-secondary classrooms. Her research is published in several peer reviewed academic journals including the Journal of Curriculum Theorizing, the Journal of Applied Hermeneutics and Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood. Prior to teaching Early Learning and Child Care (ELCC) diploma-level and degree courses at Bow Valley College and Mount Royal University, Carolyn taught young children at a community preschool. She also instructed Bachelor of Education and graduate-level courses in Early Childhood Education (ECE) at the Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary. Carolyn uses the pronouns she/her. 

Areas of Instruction

  • Community-based Research and Evaluation
  • Contemporary Issues in Child Studies
  • Leadership and Collaboration
  • Curriculum Planning
  • Early Childhood Education

Areas of Scholarship

  • Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility (EDIA)
  • Human Rights and Social Justice
  • Multimodal Literacy
  • Cultural Studies
  • Early Childhood Education and Care

Selected Publications

Gariepy, C.& Bjartveit, C. (2023). The Importance of "Love" in Authentic Decolonization Work and SoTL Practice. Imagining SoTL, 3 (2), 2-15 DOI: https://doi.org/10.29173/isotl702

Bjartveit, C. (2023). “Seeing” Nana: Haunting portraits and playful historical thinking in the early childhood education classroom. Journal of Applied Hermeneutics. DOI: https://doi.org/10.11575/jah.v2023i2023.77982

Yu, R., Bjartveit, C. & Langford, R. (June 2023). Provincial and Territorial Government Initiatives to Address Early Childhood Recruitment and Retention Through Postsecondary Early Childhood Education Programs: Are they viable and sustainable? A Discussion Paper. Childcarecanada.org. https://childcarecanada.org/documents/research-policy-practice/23/06/provincial-and-territorial-government-initiatives-address

Bjartveit, C., Gordon, H., Manywounds, E., Larden, A., Oschipok, K., Arnfinson, K. (2022). Ethical Space as a Relational Place: Increasing Postsecondary Students’ Understanding of Decolonization through The alliedFutures Project. Relational Child and Youth Care Practice Journal 35 (2), 32-56.

Bjartveit, C. & Kinzel, C. (2018). Navigating Power and Subjectivity: Cultural Diversity and Transcultural Curriculum in Early Childhood Education, Journal of Childhood Studies, 44 (1), 80-91. https://doi.org/10.18357/jcs.v44i1.18779

Bjartveit, C., Smey Carston, C., Baxter, J., Hart, J., & Greenidge, C. (2019). The Living Wall: Implementing and Interpreting Pedagogical Documentation in Specialized ELCC Settings. Journal of Childhood Studies, 44 (2), 28-38. https://doi.org/10.18357/jcs441201919058

Selected Presentations

Bjartveit, C, Gordon, H. & Gariepy, C. (2022). The Importance of "Love" in Authentic Decolonization and SoTL Work. 2022 Symposium for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Banff, Canada (Nov. 10- 12)

Bjartveit, C., Gordon, H., Manywounds, E., Larden, A., Oschipok, K. & Arnfinson, K. (2022). “Ethical space” as a relational place: Untangling post-secondary students’ understanding of decolonization through the alliedFutures project. 31st Annual Reconceptualizing Early Childhood Education Conference, Vancouver, BC (June 24).

Bjartveit, C. & Merrick, J. (2022). The Living Wall: Bringing Life into ELCC Communities with Pedagogical Documentation. AECEA’s Leadership Conference – virtual (April 30).

Bjartveit, C., Wiart-Jenkinson, T. & Bear Chief, R. (2021). IIKO TO TAMAPSI POOKAIKS / Children Matter. Alberta Resource Centre for Quality Enhancement Virtual Conference: Citizens of the World, (Nov. 18).

Bjartveit, C., Chronik, M., Hamrell, S., Kharfan, S., Tortorelli, C. (2021). An Interdisciplinary Experience—Advocating for Art-based Curriculum in the Early Years. Celebrate Teaching & Learning at MRU (May 5-7). https://sites.google.com/ mtroyal.ca/celebrate/on- demand-videos

Relevant Community Service

  • Alberta ELCC Post Secondary Coordinators Committee - Chair role