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This information is pertinent to students in the Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership (ETOL), Physical Literacy (PL) and Sport and Recreation Management (SR) majors. Students in the Athletic Therapy (AT) major follow a different model. To learn more about the Athletic Therapy major practicum model please click here.



Agency: an organization that provides students with a supervised practicum experience.

Agency Contact: a representative from the Agency that ensures all policies and procedures are followed between MRU and the agency. This representative could fulfill the role of practicum agency supervisor as well.

Practicum Coordinator: the MRU staff member that manages all practicum placements. They are the liaison between the practicum agency and the student. The Practicum Coordinator establishes a relationship with the agency and helps determine if a position is appropriate and that it aligns with the program's learning objectives. Once approval has been given for a particular position, the Practicum Coordinator will advertise the position to the students. The Practicum Coordinator also approves the practicum placements that students bring forward. This person also ensures compliance with all administrative policies and procedures.

Practicum Agency Supervisor: the student's direct supervisor within the agency. This person agrees to support the student in a supervisory and mentoring capacity. They will orientate, direct and assess the student on a regular basis. This includes assessing the student's performance within their role, completing evaluations and reviewing these evaluations with the student.

Practicum Instructor: the Faculty member responsible for student assignments and evaluating the student experience for the duration of the placement. The role of the instructor is to assimilate all theory taken to date in the program and ensure the student attempts to engage with it in their practicum site. Making the link between theory and practice will take collaboration between the instructor, student and practicum agency supervisor. Students will receive personalized support from their practicum instructor which ranges from academic guidance to career coaching.

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Your Practicum Coordinator is a member of the Department of Health and Physical Education. You can email or book an appointment via our online booking system.