Throughout each year of the four-year program, experiential learning components in- and outside the classroom will allow the student to put classroom theory into practice to gain the valuable skills that will support them later on in their careers. The first year issues course, the practicum courses and the fourth-year capstone course will tie learning together and prepare our graduates for the workforce or graduate studies.

The BHPE practicum program requires all students to complete HPED 2050 Professional Practice (3 credits) . This course introduces the concepts of professionalism, ethics, leadership, teamwork and conflict resolution with a 52 hour practicum. The students in the Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership, the Physical Literacy and the Sport and Recreation Management majors must also complete HPED 3050 Practicum (3 credits). This practicum requires students to do a 250 hour practicum.

The students in the Athletic Therapy major must complete HPED 3150 - Clinical Practicum I, HPED 3152 - Clinical Practicum II, HPED 3160 - Field Practicum I, HPED 3162 - Field Practicum II, HPED 4150 - Clinical and Field Practicum III and HPED 4152 - Clinical and Field Practicum IV. These courses are an opportunity for students to practice the techniques typically used by Certified Athletic Therapists in Canada. The total number of practicum hours will be 750.

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