IES Team

IES Executive CommitteeInstitute Director

The Institute Director has the responsibility of overseeing the development, planning and operation of the IES. The Director is responsible to the Associate Vice President Research.

Connie Van der Byl, effective July 2015 until present.

Dr. Michael Quinn was the inaugural Director of the Institute from January 2013 until June 2015. 

Associate Directors

Two Associate Directors assist the director in the operations of the IES. They have expertise in the natural sciences and social sciences, respectively.

Together the Director and two Associate Directors constitute the IES Executive Committee.

IES Members

The IES will have three categories of membership, including Research Associates, Research Affiliates and Student Affiliates. The detailed criteria for membership in each category will be developed by the IES Executive Committee.

Research Associates (Primary Members)

Research Associates are individuals who hold continuing Faculty appointments at Mount Royal and have an established record of activity or leadership in environmental sustainability. Applications for Research Associates will be considered by the IES Executive Committee for approval. Appointments will normally carry a three-year term, renewable. 

Allan Dwyer Liam Haggarty
Amanda Williams   Lynn Moorman
Anna Korwin-Kowalewska Mario Trono
Anupam Das Melanie Rathburn
Barbara J. McNicol Mathew Swallow
Carlton James Osakwe Robert Boschman
Caroline McDonald-Harker  Roberta Lexier
Don Carruthers Den Hoed  Sarah Hewitt
Dorothy Hill Sonya L. Jakubec
Katherine Boggs Terry Field
Israel Dunmade Timothy Haney
Joanna Szabo Hart Sonya Flessati
Janice Paskey  
Jenni Scot  
Kendra Hart  
Katherine Boggs  


Research Affiliates include individuals from industry and other public institutions who actively collaborate with one or more Primary Investigator on IES research projects and want to participate in the spectrum of IES activities. In addition, postdoctoral fellows, MRU faculty that do not satisfy the requirements for the Research Associate membership and researchers working under the supervision of an IES Primary Investigator can hold a Research Affiliate appointment. Applications for Research Affiliate will be considered by the IES Executive Committee for approval. Appointments will normally carry a two-year term, renewable.

IES Advisory Committee

The IES Advisory Board is primarily an external body that provides suggestions to the Director concerning all major operational and academic matters. The AVPR, Dean of Science and Technology, IES Director and one IES Associate Directors will all be ex officio members of the Advisory Board. An additional eight individuals from the external community will be invited to serve on the Advisory Board, such that external members form two thirds of the membership.

The IES Advisory Board will meet once or twice per year to review the activity, progress and plans within the IES. When necessary, one Primary Member, Associate Member or Student member from the IES will be included in the meetings of the Advisory Board.