Career Trends

Career Trends

Graduates are prepared for entry-level employment or further education. Employment prospects improve with a graduate degree.

Here are some excerpts from Job Bank of Canada.

  • With a BSc degree: "Graduates usually found work as teachers , biologists or medical laboratory technologists or technicians in the education, hospital or consulting services sectors of the economy."

  • With a Master's degree: "Some graduates found work as university and community college teachers, and others as biology technicians. Graduates often worked in universities, for the government, for scientific consulting firms, in hospitals or in medical/health laboratories."
  • "A relatively large proportion of these graduates changed occupations between the second and fifth year after graduation. Many graduates who were working in medical laboratories two years after graduation were working as university professors or biologists by five years after graduation."

Mount Royal's biology degrees may be used to meet the requirements of a variety of professional programs. Students are advised to check with the intended professional school regarding entrance requirements.