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Biology, the study of life, contributes broadly to human welfare in areas such as medicine, biotechnology, agriculture, the environment, and the food industry.

The biologists in the Department of Biology work together to integrate their individual disciplines into a unified course of study that is focused on meeting students' needs and exposing students to the various aspects of fields of biology.
Starting in Fall 2020, we will be offering a Bachelor of Science in Biology. This major provides students with a solid foundation in the study of living organisms. Students will be able to explore different areas of biology and they will have the flexibility to take a number of courses across various areas of biology, including: genetics, cell biology, microbiology, molecular biology, ecology, evolution, anatomy, and physiology. Students have the ability to specialize by completing courses leading to concentrations in Cellular and Molecular Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, or Ecology and Evolution, or to create their own pathway based on their particular interests and career aspirations. 
Students completing the Bachelor of Science – Biology will be able to apply for designation as a Professional Biologist. The curriculum of this program meets the requirements of this designation, which is required for employment as a Biologists in both British Columbia and Alberta.
As of Fall 2020 semester, we will no longer be offering admission into the Cellular and Molecular Biology and Health Science majors. We will continue to offer these majors for current students enrolled in these programs. 
The Department of Biology also offers courses that can be used towards a major in General Science, a biology minor, or as your General Education requirements. We also offer courses for students enrolled in nursing, physical education and midwifery.


MRU Biology in the News

Dr. Tonya Mousseau - CTV Interview
Catch them while you can:  Butterfly Boom in Calgary!


Dr. Tonya Mousseau - CBC News

Dr. Tonya Mousseau contributed to a CBC article where she discussed the role of insect populations decline as a contributed factor to bird declines.  Read the article in it's entirety Here.


Dr. Trevor Day - The Danger of Everest
We have been hearing about the dangers that come with delays to climbers attempting to summit Everest. Dr. Trevor Day, a high-altitude physiology researcher weighs in on the issue during an interview with CBC Radio. Hear the interview Here.

Click this link to hear a CBC interview with Alex Farmer (Department of Biology) on the latest neonicotinoid pesticide ban and its effects on some of our native pollinators.


Research by Biology Professor, Dr. Jonathan Mee, was featured in a recent New York Times article about the potential loss of US Federal protections for marine national monuments.


Mount Royal University highlights the success of students in the Faculty of Science and Technology -- And, they are all in Biology! --  Are you interested in hearing about the successes of some of our recent graduates? Mount Royal University has just published a story that highlights Biology students that are starting this fall in graduate school, medical school and veterinarian schools. To read the entire article, click here

Biology in the Community

Come join us for our Open House to learn more about our programs and meet the faculty who teach in Biology.  It will be held on October 26, 2019 from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm at The Roderick Mah Centre for Continuous Learning.  We look forward to meeting you!



Student Reid McNeil


Successful Student Presentation
Fourth year CMB student, Reid McNeil, successfully presented his Biol 5201 independent project results at the Glans-Look Research Day, May 27th. This was an external conference with an audience of oncologists, industry representatives, patients, and researchers. His presentation was very well received, great job Reid!
Project title: Seq-ing a better PD-L1 detection method with the Glans-Look database
Supervisors: Lars Petersen and Sarah Orton


Dr. Melanie Rathburn Presented at:
PINT OF SCIENCE on May 20, 2019
For more information, please see the link HERE.