Orestes Appel

Orestes Appel (He/His)
Position: Lecturer (Contract)
Office: B175 C5
Phone: 403-440-6392
Email: oappel@mtroyal.ca

Before joining Mount Royal University as a part-time instructor, Orestes was fortunate to gain
broad experience working in many capacities in the industrial sector. The positions that
Orestes’ held were multifaceted, from building code for the creation of reservoir simulation
software, to regional manager of various multi-national technology corporations. Among those
roles, Orestes’ favourites were his engagements as Software Development Manager and
Research Lead for Artificial Intelligence. Orestes brings experience as a lecturer, as he has
previously taught subjects such as Artificial Intelligence, Deductive & Object-Oriented
Databases, Functional & Logic Programming, Interpreters & Compilers and Discrete
Mathematics (including Automata Theory). He has enjoyed applying intelligent software to real-
life problems, and he is now happy to share those experiences with employees, faculty and
students alike. Orestes’ current research tries to understand basic principles of intelligence and
learning, the challenges of understanding natural languages and the application of functional
and logic programming techniques to the field of AI. Orestes currently works for IBM Canada.

Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence - De Montfort University-Leicester, United Kingdom.
MSc. in Intelligent Systems - De Montfort University-Leicester, United Kingdom.
M.S. in Computer Science - Indiana University-Bloomington, USA
BSc. in Computer Science & Mathematics - Universidad Central de Venezuela, Venezuela.