Mathematics & Computing

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Department of Mathematics and Computing

The Department of Mathematics and Computing houses the disciplines of:

  • Computer Science
  • Computer Information Systems
  • Mathematics
  • Statistics

The department also houses programs, several majors and minors in both Computing and Mathematics. Be a part of building the future - consider a program in Math and/or Computing.



CISters Welcome Back Party

CISters is a safe space for female or gender minority students in CS and CIS programs to communicate, network, and support each other as they move through and complete their program. If you are a female or a gender minority student in CIS or CS-UT program, come and join us for the welcome back party. We will be communicating, networking, and playing games.

Time: Sep. 27, 2018 4-6 pm

Location: B341



Congratulations to Pamini Thangarajah, the recipient of the Distinguished Faculty Award in 2018

Pamini has been described as "a driving force of post-secondary mathematics education in the province." She has led the development of Mount Royal's minor in mathematics for elementary education, among others, and work to promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields to girls of all ages around the world.

The impact of Pamini's passion for mathematics is far reaching. Pamini's work can be found in the courses taught at MRU but in K-12 schools as well. Her contributions to the professional development of mathematics teachers and foundational textbooks have made her an integral collaborator in provincial education. She has also been asked to speak at international conferences on educational issues in mathematics, computational mathematics, computational geometry, and statistics. See the full story and all recipients of the Employee Award.


Spotlight: Why Computing & Mathematics?

Spotlight features our exciting professors in action demonstrating the importance of computing and mathematics.


Alan Fedoruk has an extensive background in both computer science and computer information. You can find out more of what he does and why he chosen a career in environmental science

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Computing and Mathematics in the Community

 Over the summer we have upgraded the workstations in three of our computer labs, B107, B215 and B162, with dual monitors. Students learning programming and web development will have twice the screen real estate to work on!

 Funding for these upgrades was provided by MRU’s capital funding and the monitors were installed by Mathematics and Computing Instructional Assistants, Jordan Pratt and Steve Kalmar.

Lab Assistants