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Career Trends


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Stefan Radeta - Bachelor of Computer Information Systems - TLink GSP Golf Watch

Wearable technology is a common accessory in today’s world. The popular Fitbit, with 23.2 million active users, is an example of device worn by a diverse audience from around the world to enhance their sport and fitness goals.

The software development that goes on behind the scenes to make wearable tech operational is an invaluable skill, one that fourth-year Bachelor of Computer Information Systems (CIS) Stefan Radeta is currently using to blaze a trail in the industry. His flagship development, the TLink GPS Golf Watch, is changing the way golf is played.

TLink is a Bluetooth-enabled device that pairs with a smartphone to give its user front, middle and back yardages to the green, as well as proximity to course hazards. The device also doubles as a fitness tracker that records your steps, calories and distance walked on the course. It can be worn as a wrist watch or attached to the waist via a belt clip.

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Amandeep Dhillon - Bachelor of Computer Information Systems - Analytics Developer Intern - SAP

Amandeep_DhillonI had the opportunity to take both business and computer science courses in my program; this enabled me to put my theoretical knowledge in to practice in my current role. The business courses helped me understand how to communicate in a professional manner. The computer science courses helped equip me with the necessary technical skills to carry-out the expectations of my role

In my role, I work with individuals who have different specialties - I am learning what their responsibilities are and how they perform their tasks. It is rewarding to work in a team environment where everyone uses their strengths to meet expectations and deadlines. I also get to work with a top-of-the-line system and see first-hand how clients use it to enhance their businesses.

My role is data-centric which means it can potentially impact the future of science and technology in a significant way. Data has been called the new "gold" - therefore, having the ability to interpret data and present it to people in an understandable way will be a much sought after skill.