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Funding Opportunities

Standard ORSCE Deadlines

A Research Activity Form must be submitted via ROMEO one week prior to the external funder's deadline. The Research Activity Form must include the full and complete grant application (or LOI, NOI, etc.) for review, whether of not the external funder requires institutional signatures. A Research Activity Form must be submitted for each stage of the funding process, such as LOI, NOI, etc.


When are Research Activity Forms required? Research Activity Forms are required for the following:

  • Applications/proposals being submitted to external funders
  • Applications/proposals where the Principal Investigator is at another institution
  • Non-funded projects that require ethical clearance (HREB & Animal Care)

Research Activity Forms are NOT required when internal funding application forms have been submitted through ROMEO.

Requesting a Letter of Support from the AVP-RSCE

Institutional letters of support are a common requirement of many research funding opportunities. Generally, institutional letters of support for research are prepared by the Associate Vice-President Research, Scholarship and Community Engagement (AVP-RSCE) in consultation with the faculty member and their faculty. The requirements for letters of support vary depending on the opportunity therefore it is important that ORSCE receive requests a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the opportunity deadline. 

To facilitate the request the following is required:

  • Details of the funding opportunity
  • Contact information and internal deadlines of the leading institution, if applicable.
  • Confirmation of institutional commitments, if applicable
  • Copy of the draft application/proposal
  • Additional information may be requested depending on the opportunity

Additionally, ORSCE will need to receive a Research Activity Form for the application/proposal in ROMEO before the letter of support is provided.
Please contact Yvonne Kjorlien ( to request a letter of support from the AVP-RSCE.

Looking for assistance with your application or proposal?

The ORSCE offers in-depth feedback on your grant applications! Please send your entire competed grant application to our Grants and Research Facilitator, Yvonne Kjorlien, ( at least THREE weeks prior to the funding agency's deadline. This will allow time for Yvonne to review your application and for you to revise your application. 

The standard ORSCE deadline applies if you do not wish for feedback on your application. 


Undergraduate funding opportunities

Internal funding opportunities

External funding opportunities

For a printer-friendly version of typical Tri-Agency deadlines, check out this Google document. 

Funder  Competition 



Pre-Application Deadline 

G&R Facilitator Deadline 

ORSCE Deadline  @noon 

Funder Deadline 
SSHRC Partnership Engage

$7,000 to 


1 year n/a May 1  May 15

May 22, 2024 

previously June 15, 2024

Government of Alberta  First Responders' Mental Health Grants (Stream 1)

no limit 

1 year


May 6 May 20 May 27, 2024
Government of Alberta  First Responders' Mental Health Grants (Stream 2)

no limit

1 year 


May 6 May 20 May 27, 2024
SSHRC  Connection Grant

$7,000 to $50,000

1 year


May 30 June 13

June 20, 2024 

previously August 1, 2024

Chronic Pain Centre of Excellence  Chronic Pain Centre of Excellence for Canadian Veterans (CPCoE)

$450,000 total funding available 

1-2 years


June 9 June 23

June 30, 2024

Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship

$70,000 per year

2 years


August 27 September 10

September 17, 2024

NFRF Exploration

up to $125,000 per year

2 years

NOI August 20 (to ORSCE) 

NOI August 27 (to funder)

October 15 October 29

November 5, 2024 

NFRF Transformation  $2M - $4M per year up to 6 years 

NOI Oct 17 (to ORSCE) 

LOI Jan 3 2024 (to ORSCE) 

Aug 15, 2024 Aug 29, 2024 September 5, 2024

Rolling Intake

Here you can find funding opportunities that are offered all year long and don't have defined submission dates.