If you are working from home during the coronavirus pandemic and would like to discuss ergonomic concerns or request a virtual ergonomic assessment, please contact us at

Ergonomic hazards affect all employees at MRU, whether you perform a lot of physical tasks or are primarily office or classroom based. 

Common ergonomic hazards include:

  • Repetitive motion
  • Long periods of sitting or standing
  • Over-reaching
  • Improper body positioning
  • Long periods focused on a computer screen
  • Manual lifting and carrying

Refer to the complete MRU Ergonomic Safe Work Program for information on ergonomic hazard assessments and how to reduce the risk of ergonomic injuries. Additional resources include:

If you are unable to adjust your workstation or if adjustments are not effective at making your workstation ergonomically safe as indicated in the self-assessment checklist, please request a personalized Ergonomic Assessment through Frontline, under General Requests.