Hazard Assessments

Mount Royal University is required under the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Code to inform employees of any hazards and controls in the workplace. A hazard is anything that has the potential to cause harm; controls are the methods to protect against harm. The Position Hazard Assessment (PHA) is the document used to communicate this information.

Learn more about hazards and controls.

Because of the variety of roles on campus, different employees face different potential hazards.

  1. Please choose the best description of your role or the primary functions of your role.
  1. Download the PHA, review it, add any details that may be missing, and sign the document digitally or in hard copy. Send it to your supervisor to keep within your department for later review or audit by EH&S or your department Safety Advisory Group.
  2. Record the completion of your PHA on the Employee EHS Task/Training Completion Form.
  3. If you cannot identify an appropriate Position Hazard Assessment from the above, discuss the options with your supervisor or contact Environmental Health & Safety for assistance.

Supporting safety across campus

Position Hazard Assessments are meant to be living documents that grow and change to reflect the work being done at Mount Royal University. The PHA you are reading today may not look quite the same the next time you complete your annual PHA review. If you have questions or comments about your selected PHA, feel free to leave a comment in the Google Doc.